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Heather Sure Likes Her Toys

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This girl really enjoys her toys and it sure is a pleasure to watch her have fun with them.

I’ve only seen fuck machines in porno’s. Well I guess this is porn too but I mean this isn’t prerecorded, it’s live. So perhaps I should say that I have never seen fuck machines used live because it hasn’t changed the fact that I have still not seen it used in real life nor have i ever even seen one in real life.

Not even a sybian, which she has too. I hope I got the name right there – I’m referring to the machine that a girl mounts pretty much like a horse saddle and then it vibrates with essentially clit stimulation.

She has all of these things, including dildos and vibrators and on top of that heatherbby9 has a stunning figure and an amazing pair of tits to boot. She is certainly one of my favourite performers of late. I’d urge you to check her out whether you’re an avid live cam fan or new to the sport.

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