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Heather Sure Likes Her Toys

This girl really enjoys her toys and it sure is a pleasure to watch her have fun with them. I’ve only seen fuck machines in porno’s. Well I guess this is porn too but I mean this isn’t prerecorded, it’s live. So perhaps I should say that I have never seen fuck machines used live […]

Hot Girls Get Horny Too

I was sceptical at first. Honestly my assumption was that the chicks on sites like Chaturbate would be fugly, even worse than dating sites. It just felt like there’s a kind of desperation attached to it or at the very least loneliness and the hotties don’t struggle with that. I went to go and have […]

Cambb’s Sex_n_roll is an Absolute Honey

Today, when checking out this cam site, I was completely blown away by the massive selection of performers online. It’s not the first time I’ve checked them out (I work in the porn industry) and I remember being impressed the previous time, but this time I was truly blown away. In the middle of a […]

A Team Skeet Membership Now More Affordable Than Ever

Damn, she’s got the most beautiful big round eyes and if she was looking up at me like that while giving me a tit fuck and a blowjob all in one I’d be inclined to want to put a ring on it. I actually have no idea who she, I don’t think I’ve seen her […]

They Will Blow Your Socks Off

Some claim that Amateur Allure is predominantly focused around blowjob porn but I’m not convinced to be honest. I could buy that perhaps they started out like that as there is plenty of evidence that would support that. There are loads of stills like the pic I used here of immaculate quality professional photography and […]

Sex Cam is no Scam

The Sex Cam Discounts Club is just a straight forward listing of solid discount deals to premium sites. Don’t be confused by the drastically varying discount percentages, they are all good and even if they look bogus they are not. It is the very unique ways that price reduced membership packages can be offered in this […]