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Cambb’s Sex_n_roll is an Absolute Honey

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Today, when checking out this cam site, I was completely blown away by the massive selection of performers online. It’s not the first time I’ve checked them out (I work in the porn industry) and I remember being impressed the previous time, but this time I was truly blown away.

In the middle of a week day, European time, there were more than 7,000 performers online and streaming shows of a variety that could rival any mainstream porn site for genres and diversity.

I was in the fortunate position that I was having a fairly quiet day and for a change I could spend a little bit more time having a look around as opposed to just focusing on the core points like I usually do. I have to tell you that despite there being a fuckton good looking ladies online this ‘lady’ in picture had my complete attention and let me tell you, that says a lot coming from someone who has been desensitised to porn quite a bit over time.

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