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These Girls Really Want You

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There was an awkwardness when I first started viewing webcams. Even though I knew that the girls couldn’t see me unless I turned on my cam, and that they had no way of knowing who I was, I still felt the need to put on a persona instead of just being myself. I still wanted to find some way to impress them even if I wasn’t going to visit that particular girl again. These days though, I am over that nonsense. I have learned that so long as you aren’t a creep or a jerk, the cam girls want you. In fact, they often want the viewer even more than the viewer wants them.

Money is the reason for this of course. The more you are willing to spend on a girl, the more she is going to want you. If you are a repeat to her show, she is going to remember you and she is going to want to be the one impressing you. The girls are there to earn an income. You are their bread and butter. You are valuable to them. They don’t want you picking another girl.

When you chat with girls in live sex rooms, you will see that some of the other guys are pretty gross in their communication. Don’t be gross and the babes will welcome you with bright smiles and open legs.

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