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How to Spot Local Fuck Buddies

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Local fuck buddies are everywhere in the United States. It seems like the whole trend regarding turning friends into local fuck buddies has just taken on a life of its own. In the beginning, the whole idea of a sex buddy was really just a joke. I mean, it was like the typical script material for cable TV situational comedies. Unfortunately, people take TV and mass media too seriously and end up actually living out sex buddy relationships.


I’m not saying that there’s something fundamentally wrong with this approach. I mean, hey, what guy wouldn’t like having sex with somebody that they feel comfortable around? What guy wouldn’t like having sex with somebody that they can go fishing, deep sea diving, snorkeling, traveling, and club hopping with? I mean, it’s like a match made in heaven. You’re completely friends, it’s completely like no emotions, but you get to fuck at the end of the day. Sounds awesome, right?


But the problem here is that it seems that guys have this distorted view of what local fuck buddies should look like. They think that these buddies should basically be sluts, prostitutes, whores on the side, that kind of thing. Well, if that’s how you look at local fuck buddies, chances are you’re going to fail.


You can fail at many different levels but you can fail on two crucial points. First, you can fail because you’re just not going to get that kind of action. Either the chick is just an anonymous sex partner or she’s just a buddy. There is no middle ground, so you can fail on that front. The second way you can fail is you attract the wrong women. You attract women that are basically going to be your fuck buddy alright, but they’re going to basically try to use you.


In a way, it would probably be very fair to call these women leeches. An unkind way to describe them is essentially that they’re prostituting themselves. Seriously, a prostitute trades money for sex. These chicks pretend to be your friend and fuck you, but they end up asking you for money. It may not be directly charging you for sucking your dick or riding on your cock. It can take the form of them always asking for gas money or asking you to take them out to dinner, that kind of thing. Be on the lookout for these two variations. They’re more common than you think.

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